7 Secrets Of Mahira Khan That She Never Shares

Mahira Khan who has grabbed the attention of Pakistani people and also in other countries, is a true sweetheart and it is quite understandable how the people of Pakistan has a soft corner for her. Mahira Khan looked ravishing at the press conference of her upcoming movie ”Bin Roye Aansoo”.

7 Secrets Of Mahira Khan That She Never Shares

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When media asked what do we not know about Mahira Khan, she told some best kept secrets of her that she never shares.

  • She doesn’t look it but she ( insists ) that she eats like there is no tomorrow! when asked what in particular, the answer she gave was EVERYTHING.
  • Though it may seems that she is a regular feature at the gym. It seems that we might be mistaken! The beauty claims that she has never ever stepped into the gym. Then what is the secret to her fitness, we are yet to find out!

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  • Her stylist, Babar revealed, she is also very easy to fool, even a street kid can do the job and get away with it.
  • According to Mahira, her toes are the strangest things that ever exist. She has been told that her feet do the acting before her body can. She may have a calm facade but you will never know the twitchiness in her toes.
  • Due to the above reason, Mahira actually avoids peep-toes.
  • Her life revolves around her work. While on the job, Mahira makes it to the point to work her butt off.So much so that it has earned her the on-set nick name of MAZDOOR KHAN.
  • She is a hippie at heart. Be true to yourselves peeps!

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